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So that you all know what I'm working on, and what's been done, I figured that you might like an update list. Below you will find a list of what's been going on in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry first. 

Suggestions welcome - please add yours below in the comments.

In Progress

I'm over halfway through Grade 6, so once the site launches and I’ve fixed any bugs I'll start adding what I’ve got to the site and then finish it off!

May 2018

23 • Tweaked Grades 1,2 and 3 tests and also added answer sheets for each. Later grade answer sheets coming soon too!
22 • Grade 2: All 8 lessons now have video.
21 • Grade 6: one lesson added but more on the way shortly!
15 • Grade 1: 8 VIDEOS added - taste of things to come - (almost) every Grade 1 lesson has video!
09 • Separated Grade 5 into 3 modules because it was just getting too big!
09 • Added Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide ebooks free with the subscription! WOW!
05 • Grade 5, pretty much done, just some formatting to do. Now will get back to work on Grade 6!
05 • 4 new lessons on minor scales, new PDF and backing tracks!
05 • New chord diagrams, corrections and 6 new PDF for G5!
01 • Finished Grade 4 formatting and checking!
01 • Two new PDF file downloads and new images for Triad Arpeggios (MT-411)

April 2018

28 • GRADE 4: 8 new PDF reference charts (MT-410)
28 • GRADE 4: pdf and tab examples for triads (MT-408)
27 • GRADE 4: pdf worksheet and pdf answers for notes in chords (MT-405)
27 • GRADE 4: pdf and answers for the jumbled triads lesson (MT-404)
27 • Creation of this updates page!

Much more coming very soon, I want to get up to Grade 6 finished before general release of the site!

Music Theory Grade 0



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