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I have been developing this course for a few years now, what started as a fairly light pdf ebook has grown into what I hope will be the best, easiest and most fun Music Theory course for guitarists ever created. Even if you know some theory already I would suggest you start right at the beginning and work your way through - particularly the first module which explains the 'what, why, how' which will help you on your journey of understanding!

One of the few things not free around here! Why?

The pdf version of Practical Music Theory had been a solid income stream for me for many years and I can't just turn it off with the massive expense of the site re-vamp and a two-year-old daughter who is sure to go to university! So this super upgraded and expanded version is $9.99 (USD) for 6 months and it contains all the content from Practical Music Theory and the sequel, Chord Construction Guide, and lots, LOTS more! I've taken all the feedback over the last 10 years and made it into this course which I hope is the best theory course for guitarists ever.

Note that the original ebooks of Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide are included in your subscription and you can download them both (they used to sell for over $27!) at the start of Grade 3! The website version is better, but the ebooks have been very popular for many years and are not less effective, just superseded! :)

I'm real proud of it already but there is more great stuff to come. The reason I've opted for a subscription this time around is that I want to grow this thing into an incredible theory resource and a subscription model means I can keep adding to it and updating regularly (see this PMT Update page!) - I just added video for all of Grade 1 and will be working through all the rest in the coming weeks. Grade 6  will be released as soon as it's done - I'm about halfway. I'm looking at adding more pdf and play along tracks and even some example compositions to put things into practice! There are even plans to add video and interactive elements - it's already great but it's going to be incredible.

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Practical Music Theory

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